Faria Vintage Oil Spill: No News…

Courtesy photo/Sebastian Ramirez

…is good news in this case!

As you have heard, the OWCN was activated yesterday afternoon for an oil spill north of Ventura at Faria State Beach. Per the Ventura County Star, “…(a)n estimated (210) gallons of oil spilled Tuesday into the ocean off the Pacific Coast Highway north of Ventura after a small landslide ruptured a pipeline on a nearby hillside. The oil poured down a creek and drained into the ocean about a mile north of Faria Beach” and “was contained about an hour after it was reported, but the oil spread over more than a quarter-mile of water”.

The OWCN contacted International Bird Rescue Research Center in San Pedro, who marshaled two 2-person recovery teams to do initial reconnaissance and collect oiled animals if found. No animals were seen the remainder of the day, though an unconfirmed report of a harbor seal in the vicinity had the teams on alert. UC Davis staff were on stand-by with staff, supplies and our new stabilization trailer (entitled the MASH, for Mobile Avian Stabilization Hospital – and yes I came up with that).

While no animals were collected, DFG-OSPR wanted to be sure that animals were not impacted, so teams will continue their surveillance today. We will be back in touch with new news as it happens so stay tuned!

– Mike

Read more: http://www.vcstar.com/news/2011/mar/08/oil-spill-reported-along-pch-north-of-ventura/?partner=yahoo_feeds#ixzz1G7epih4b
– vcstar.com

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