Javon Canyon Spill…Day Two

This is the official name for the spill previously known as the spill at Faria Beach near Ventura (minus the “Day Two” part, that is). Day two of the spill has ended in cleanup efforts nearly complete, although we are continuing the search and collection efforts tomorrow to survey an area near Ventura Harbor. Reports of “oiled birds” in this area may or may not be associated with the Javon Canyon Spill, but we will be sending one R&T team out tomorrow to check it out. Only two “lightly oiled gulls” were seen at Faria Beach today. The field teams attempted to catch them, but as is usually the case with lightly oiled birds, they are notoriously difficult to capture. Birds, such as gulls, which are able to be on land, as opposed to obligate water-dwellers such as grebes, are able to withstand slight oiling, without it significantly causing problems with hypothermia.

We will continue to keep you up to date on this spill.


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