April 4 Update on the Tristan da Cunha Oil Spill

Efforts are ongoing in the south Atlantic to rescue and rehabilitate thousands of the endangered Northern Rockhopper Penguins that have been impacted by the grounding (and subsequent oil spill) of the MS Oiiva in the early morning of March 16. Over 2,000 penguins are currently on Tristan Island in the rehabilitation center that has been set up. This is a huge effort, which has included catching local fish to feed the hungry birds several times a day. The response has been carried out by many of Tristan Island’s population, in collaboration with Environmental Advisor, Estelle van der Merwe, and staff from SANCCOB (the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds). OWCN staff continue to be ready to assist, if requested.

If you wish to help with this effort, please consider giving to the Nightingale Island Disaster Fighting Fund, which is administered by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the United Kingdom partner of BirdLife International. Your donation will be used to help the penguins and other wildlife affected by the oil, as well as to fund follow-up monitoring and to assess the full impact of this disaster.

Click here to find out how to donate.

Thank you!


Oiled Northern Rockhopper Penguin on Nightingale Island, March 2011. Image taken by Tristan Conservation Team (Simon Glass, Wayne Swain and Matthew Green).

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