Sea Otters Beware!

Yesterday, Mike, Emily, Tim and I participated in a deployment exercise of a sea otter floating pen in Half Moon Bay.  The four of us were part of a larger group, consisting of sea otter researchers and enthusiasts from the California Dept. of Fish and Game, the Marine Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and U.S. Geological Survey.  It was a very wet and very rainy day, and by the end of it we were all totally drenched to the bone.  Regardless of the wetness, if was a very useful (and fun) exercise.  The idea behind the floating pen is so that in the case of a large oil spill, the floating pen can provide additional space for holding sea otters after they are cleaned.  The set-up was a little tricky (sort of like putting a giant puzzle together), but overall I think we managed to get it set-up in a decent fashion and amount of time, although perhaps Mike Harris and Jack Ames may think otherwise.  Here are some photos of the fun.


Step 1 - Attaching the floats together in a big square formation

Step 2 and 3 - Putting frame together and attaching the net to the frame

Step 4 - Putting it in the water and attaching it to the zodiac

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