OWCN July Updates

Hello Everyone,

Today I just wanted to share a few OWCN updates before heading into the holiday weekend.

For those looking to take the 8-hour HAZWOPER refresher with us, we are moving to a new format for these classes.  Those who will be responding as Recovery & Transportation personnel during a spill should click here for information on refreshers for R&T workers.  For those needing an 8-hour refresher that will be working within an animal care facility, we are now providing an online 8-hour refresher.  This online refresher will be available twice a year for a one month period, with the first offering to be made within the next few months, and the next offering in January of 2012.  For those whose HAZWOPER will expire between now and next January please plan accordingly to take the refresher.  More details about availability and how to register will go out in an email soon.  Please contact Kyra Mills-Parker at kyparker@ucdavis.edu for more information.

The next webinar in our online training series has been set for July 23rd from 10am to 12pm.  Curt Clumpner of International Bird Rescue will be presenting on avian cleaning and avian pre-release conditioning. We also have recordings of our previous webinars available for viewing.  The following webinars are available to view as a recording at any time:

Webinar #1: OWCN Overview/Effects of Oil on Wildlife

Webinar #2 (part 1): Recovery and Transportation

Webinar #2 (part 2): Field Stabilization

Webinar #3 (part 1): Avian Intake and Processing

Webinar #3 (part 2): Avian Stabilization

For information on registering to view any of our live or recorded webinar, please contact your member organizations volunteer coordinator, or you can contact me at baelias@ucdavis.edu.  We encourage all of our member organization’s staff and volunteers to participate in our online training series, and to attend the live version of our webinars whenever possible, in order to ask questions.  We look forward to “seeing” you at our webinars!

Thanks again to all of our hard working staff and volunteers at each of our member organizations.  Please have a safe and happy holiday weekend!


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