Another Successful R&T Training!

This weekend we had another great turnout for an OWCN Recovery and Transportation Level 2 training – this time behind the Redwood Curtain in Arcata. Prior to this weekend, we had no folks up North who had taken this class. By Sunday afternoon, more than 20 people from a wide variety of Member Organizations as well as agencies and First Nations had been signed up to help should something like Kure or Stuyvesant happen again.

Kyra and I were joined on this training by Curt Clumpner of Bird Rescue and Diana Humple of PRBO Conservation Science. As is our want, we tweaked the schedule a bit from the San Diego one, and feel as if we are honing in on a good schedule that combines the legal needs for HAZWOPER refreshers, the paperwork requirements of spills, the general knowledge of the species that might be affected, and the different capture techniques that can be used for each.

We wanted to thank all the folks who spent their weekends with us, with special thanks to Tamar Danufsky of HSU for help in coordination. We are well on our way to meeting our target of 200 R&T trained folks this year! And remember, if you have field experience and the interest in helping us in this fashion, please contact your OWCN Primary Contact at your organization to find out more about upcoming trainings.

– Mike




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