Last Recovery & Transportation Level 2 Workshop for 2011

Fun with Oil Spill Overview Family Feud! (or not..)

Last week we completed the third and final R&T Level 2 workshop for this year.  The two-day workshop, led by Mike Ziccardi and yours truly (UC Davis), Diana Humple (PRBO Conservation Science), and Curt Clumpner (International Bird Rescue), was held at the San Francisco Bay Oiled Wildlife Care and Education Center in Fairfield.  The first day was an 8-hr HAZWOPER Refresher, and the second day touched on topics such as sensitive species and sites, field stabilization and transport, capture strategies, and a multidimensional field exercise that included GPS use, a mock oil spill with animal collections, netting techniques, field equipment instruction and inventory, and a station with the various forms that need to be filled out during oil spills.  This workshop was well-attended, with 37 participants from a diversity of organizations and agencies, including the California Academy of Sciences, East Bay Regional Park District, Bird Rescue, San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association/Beach Watch, PRBO Conservation Science, The Marine Mammal Center, UC Davis, California Dept. of Fish and Game, and the Marine Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center.

Curt demonstrating the art of animal capture

Mike showing that it takes muscle to operate a GPS

We will be offering this workshop again in 2012, so if you are interested in participating in field response during oil spills, keep an eye out for our 2012 schedule of trainings.  Also, be aware that to take the Recovery & Transportation Level 2 workshop, the following requirements must be met before signing up for the class:

1. R&T Level 1 webinar

2. 24-hr HAZWOPER certification

3. Introduction to the Incident Command System (IS-100 online class)

Please take a look at the OWCN website for more information (

Thank you to all who participated in our Recovery & Transportation trainings this year, and hope to see some new people at next year’s trainings!


Recovering oiled wildlife during the field exercise

Relays with Diana in the hot sun!

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