Hello to OWCN’s blog and Facebook friends

I wanted to take the opportunity of writing my first blog for OWCN to say “Hi!” to all OWCN’s blog and Facebook friends. My name is Nancy Anderson. I joined OWCN three weeks ago to provide further support for the Recovery and Transportation team. My background includes providing veterinary care for native northern California wildlife at Lindsay Wildlife Museum and marine mammals at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. I radiotracked and studied energy and water requirements for nocturnal, arboreal snakes in Guam as part of a PhD in ecophysiology. I have taught volunteers, undergraduates, and veterinary students on many topics including zoonotic disease prevention, medicine of domestic & wildlife species, ecology, clinical techniques, etc. I hope to put my previous experience to use by supporting OWCN’s continuing efforts to improve the recovery and care of oiled animals, to train/update volunteers and staff regarding protocol updates, and to perform/support research projects that improve care and document post-release survival.  When I have spare time, my husband and I love to hike, bird watch, canoe, SCUBA, etc. Basically, I enjoy anything that is out of doors. When I do not have time to “get away” I enjoy dancing, horseback riding, gardening and going to concerts. I have two “rescue” conures as pets.

I am really looking forward to working closely with Kyra Mills-Parker as Co-coordinators as well as with the rest of the OWCN team. There is so much to learn from this talented and energetic group of people! I am also excited about the opportunities to meet and work with the staff and volunteers from our partner organizations. Protecting wildlife, the environment, and human safety during a large oil spill is too big of a job for any one group. Watching the teamwork and expertise that was displayed during the recent NPREP drill in Ventura was inspiring. I hope to get to meet you soon (of course, I mean at a drill or training…mind you, I’m not asking for a spill!).


– Nancy

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