OWCN put on notice for S. S. Montebello

On September 28th OWCN received notification through OSPR that they will be teaming up with the Coast Guard and contractors to evaluate the risk of significant oil release from the ship S.S. Montebello. The S.S. Montebello sank after a Japanese submarine torpedoed her on December 23, 1941. The tanker is located 6 – 7 miles off the coast of Cambria, California and is resting at a depth of roughly 900 feet. So far no oil has been observed leaking from the tanker, but due to the age of the wreck, there are concerns that the hull integrity will eventually fail. The work should start around October 10th and take about 2 weeks to complete. A special designed remotely operated vehicle will be used to obtain oil and sediment samples that will be analyzed by OSPR and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. While the sampling procedures pose a minimal risk, placing OWCN and other trust agencies on notice is a prudent move considering the tanker was carrying over 3 million gallons of oil when she went down in 1941. We all hope that the mission will go smoothly. Ideally the oil has solidified and will pose no further risk. However, if any oil is released or it is determined that more action will be required in the future, OWCN and our partners will remain ready to respond as needed. For more information on the S.S. Montebello, visit http://www.dfg.ca.gov/ospr/Admin/Montebello/index.aspx.

Picture from: http://www.dfg.ca.gov/ospr/Admin/Montebello/montebello_story.aspx

– Nancy

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