T-12 hours!!!

Oilapalooza is mere hours away and the OWCN core staff is here in Long Beach getting psyched. We are excited to see old friends, make some new ones, learn a lot and have fun! We’ve got 13 presentations and 14 wetlabs, plus our newest addition to the program, lunchtime breakout sessions. And, for the first time at Oilapalooza we’re offering a tabletop drill orchestrated by our fearless leader, Dr. Ziccardi.

A view of the hull of the ship.

The A deck on the Queen Mary.

Nancy makes a new friend on the Queen Mary.

The lectures tomorrow will be at the historic Queen Mary, so we hope everyone has a chance to explore her a little. Dinner tomorrow night will be at one of our member organizations, the Long Beach Aquarium. On Sunday, we’ll head over to the LA Oiled Bird Care and Education Center in San Pedro for the wetlabs.

The Queen's salon, the lecture room for Oilapalooza 2011.

Although we are all excited about tomorrow and focused on putting on a fantastic conference, the oil spill in New Zealand is on all of our minds. It’s a sobering reminder of why we do what we do. We ardently hope that the response going on there now is safe and effective, and that as few wildlife as possible are impacted.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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