Rena Spill – Update 11/11/11!!!

Hi Everyone,

Because sometime you eat too many fish...

Just a quick spill update for 11/11/11 (well, actually it’s 11/12/11 here, but….).  I’ve been hard at work the past few days.  My life has become wake up, feed penguins, schedule the personnel, feed penguins, sleep, repeat.  Surprisingly, I have yet to grow tired of the little blue penguins, even considering a penguin flung fish juice in my face this morning,I have cuts all over my hands, and I can’t scrub the fish smell off of my skin.  It is amazing the amount of work that goes into caring for these little guys.  Feeding alone takes 6 hours out of the day (not including prepping the fish), and cleaning is a world in it’s own.  Wendy Massey has been leading up the cleaning crews for the aviaries (pronounced “avery” here, like the boys name), which consists of 5 people spending the entire day cleaning.  With the changes being made to ready the penguins for their eventual release, that number will go up to 6.

Wendy Massey and her cleaning crew, helping to herd penguins for their afternoon feeding.

The exciting news is we heard today that they have made a good deal of progress getting oil off of the ship, and they will hopefully finish up soon.  Much planning is now going into how best to prepare the penguins for release and making sure everything is all set for them to go.  Speaking of going, I need to get going to help with the afternoon feeding.  Hoping all is well with the network members back home, and don’t forget, just because I’m gone, doesn’t mean that you guys can skip out on watching recorded webinars!!!


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