Getting ready for the New Year

In keeping with the hustle and bustle of preparing for the holiday season, OWCN staff has been busy finishing off our preparations for the upcoming spill season. Instead of buying presents for loved ones, we’ve been checking inventories, rotating stock and ordering supplies. Instead of cleaning our house for visiting relatives, we’ve been washing and polishing our spill vehicles. Instead of stuffing stockings, we’ve been stocking stuff. Of course, we could not totally let the holiday season go by without a little celebration, so we used our creative talents to design our very own special OWCN holiday tree using, yes you guessed it, spill equipment. Check out the picture.

I hope that you have a quiet (i.e. spill free) and joyful holiday season!

Nancy Anderson

The OWCN 2011 Holiday Tree

The MASH Unit is READY TO Go!

Clean and Shiny OWCN Truck

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