Upcoming Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference

The 11th International Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference is coming up next week.  Most of the OWCN team is headed to New Orleans on Monday for a week of learning.

Here are the talks and posters that the OWCN staff are presenting:

Kyra – At-Sea Capture Techniques for Oil Spill Response: Trials and Tribulations

Post-Release Monitoring of Western Grebes Using Implanted Satellite Transmitters

Mike – Application, Testing, and Modification of NOAA’s National Oiled Marine Mammal Care  Protocols During the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Emily – Changes to the OWCN’s Protocols for the Care of Oil Affected Birds

Christine – A Review of Fat-Soluble Vitamin Needs for Piscivorous Birds

Evidence-based Medicine in Oil Spill Response

Becky – The Importance and Utilization of Pre-trained Volunteers During Oiled Wildlife Response

Lavonne – How Did You Make That Happen?  A Day in the Life of an Admin Coordinator

Check out the conference website at www.eow2012.org to see all of the talks and lectures that will be presented throughout the week.  The conference proceedings will be made available after the conference so that everyone can learn from this gathering of oiled wildlife responders.

– Emily

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