Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference 2012 – New Orleans

Hello Everyone,

The OWCN team is back to California today, after spending the week attending the Effects of Oil on Wildlife Conference in New Orleans.  The conference was a fantastic learning opportunity for us, and we attended many great lectures.  Kyra, Emily, Christine, Lavonne, and I all presented either a talk or poster, and we had a good time meeting our oiled wildlife responder counterparts from other parts of the country and around the world.  Organizations represented at the meeting included Tri-State Bird Rescue, NOAA, Focus Wildlife, SeaAlarm, Massey University, SANCCOB, and Aiuka.  There were also several OWCN member organizations there, including SeaWorld San Diego, International Bird Rescue, and PRBO Conservation Science.  Colleen Young, with OSPR, presented a lecture on using thermographs to check waterproofing in birds.  This project was funded by an OWCN grant, and it was wonderful to see such great science coming from this.

We also managed to squeeze in some tourist time. and see some of the great local sites.  See below for a slideshow of some highlights of New Orleans!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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