An OWCN Valentine’s Day

Hello Everyone, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

The OWCN staff decided to spend our Valentine’s Day with dinner and a movie.  Well, not exactly dinner, more like root beer floats, cookies, and popcorn…..and it wasn’t really a movie, more of a training, but still….

Nancy helps r2 settle in with a root beer float, prior to the compassion fatigue viewing.

We participated in a training webinar from the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology program, titled “Compassion Fatigue for the Animal Care Worker”; and yes, the irony of compassion fatigue on Valentine’s Day was not lost on us! We are hoping that by preparing for compassion fatigue, that in the event of a spill, we can help to avoid unmanageable stress and burn outs in our staff and volunteers, and keep everyone happy with their work.

So have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and remember to take some time today for yourself and be stress free!


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