Avian Protocol Updates Webinar this weekend – 10-11am on Sat., April 14

This weekend, we will be hosting a brand new webinar as part of our Continuing Education Online Training Series.  We’ll be discussing the latest and greatest in caring for oil affected birds, based upon the research and experience of veterinarians, research scientists, and countless spill responders.  Learn about advances in nutrition, supplementation, pharmaceuticals, and housing.  The webinar will provide crucial information for all OWCN response personnel, especially those who work as staff members in oiled bird care facilities.

When: 10am-11am on Saturday, April 14

Where: Online

Who can attend?  All staff and volunteer of OWCN Member Organizations are encouraged to attend.  This training is not open to those who are not affiliated with an OWCN Member Organization.

How to register: Ask your volunteer coordinator or other staff for registration details – each Member Organization received an email from Becky with instructions. This webinar will be available as a recording after Saturday’s presentation, but we encourage you to attend the live presentation if at all possible so that you can ask questions of the speaker.

I look forward to “seeing” you on Saturday!


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