Good news!

Highlighting World Oceans Day, which Nancy blogged about last week, was the announcement that California’s Fish and Game Commission approved the establishment of new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) along the northern California coast.  This is fantastic news for the Pacific coast and all the creatures and flora that rely on this region.  Many scientists believe that the creation of MPAs is one of the best tools we have for ocean protection.  You can read more about this at

While basking in this happy news, consider participating in some up-coming OWCN activities!  Next week there will be a new Webinar on Hazing, given by Dr. Winston Vickers (he’s the lead on hazing for OWCN).  It will be an approximately hour long presentation starting at 10am on Saturday, June 23rd.  For more information, or to sign up, email Becky at

Next month, the OWCN is hosting a full deployment drill at our Cordelia (Fairfield) facility, the San Francisco Bay Oiled Wildlife Care and Education Center.  Invitations have been sent to all of our northern California member organizations, so check with the volunteer coordinator or other OWCN contact at your organization for an invitation if you are interested in joining us.  The drill will focus on facility readiness, so there won’t be a significant field (i.e., recovery & transportation) component. Attendance is free, but you’ll need to respond to an invitation.  Drills are always enlightening and usually fun, so please consider coming to Fairfield for this great learning experience.

Hope to see you at one of our up-coming events!


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