Rehabilitation Conference

Oilapalooza, our Annual Rehabilitation Conference, is fast approaching!  We have opened pre-registration for all staff and volunteers of OWCN Member Organizations and Affiliated Agencies.  The conference will be held on October 27 and 28 in Santa Cruz.  We are working hard to plan for for a fantastic weekend, jam packed with with lectures on oiled animal care and wildlife health, hands-on labs and workshops, and, of course, some time to meet new network members and catch up with old friends.  If you are interested in attending the conference, please ask your organization’s volunteer coordinator or other primary OWCN contact for the link to register.  We hope that you will be able to join us!

Also underway are planning efforts for this summer’s full deployment drill.  Working out of the San Francisco Bay Oiled Wildlife Care and Education Center on July 19th, we will be drilling the activation and set-up of a primary care facility for oil-affected birds, and the deployment of response personnel and equipment within the facility.  Our scenario will drill all aspects of oil-affected bird care from processing to cleaning to post-cleaning care.  Look for photographs and an after-action report here on our blog in a few weeks.


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