Historical Data Entry

Over the past two months, we have embarked on a project to compile all of our historical oiled animal records into an electronic database. Unfortunately, oil spills generate massive amounts of data, but not much time to put the information into a searchable format! Until now, much of our in-depth animal care data from the 1990’s and early 2000’s was relegated to dusty file cabinets in our offices. Our newest OWCN staff member is now hard at work bringing that information into the digital age. Esther joins us as a temporary employee who has jumped into this task with impressive enthusiasm, and is rapidly rendering the old file cabinets unnecessary. Esther is entering detailed processing logs with information such as percentage and depth of oiling, as well as medical data collected through the course of rehabilitation including body weights, laboratory values, and wash information. These data, along with detailed disposition information, will enable us to mine for detailed answers about the effects of oiling on wildlife.  Looking back at these old records is an impressive reminder of the many people who have contributed to the OWCN and cared for oiled wildlife over the past two decades. We have recently updated our website with a complete list of oil spill responses managed by the OWCN since its inception in the early 1990’s, and this long list is a testament to all of this hard work.

– Emily

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