Have you Refreshed Recently?

“Refreshed”, that is, in your HAZWOPER training (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response). After taking the initial 24-hr or 40-hr HAZWOPER you have to take a one-day (8-hr) HAZWOPER Refresher to stay current with this training.  The OWCN offers an online and free training to OWCN member organizations and affiliated agencies.  If is has been < or = to one year after your last HAZWOPER training (an 8-hr, 24-hr, or 40-hr), you can take the 8-hr HAZWOPER Refresher.  If it has been > 12 months (but less than 24 months) since your last HAZWOPER training and there is an oil spill, you would have to take the 8-hr Refresher before being allowed to respond in the area considered the “exclusion” or “hot zone”.  If it has been > 24 months since your last HAZWOPER training, you will have to re-take the 24-hr HAZWOPER.  So it is very important to stay current with this training.  The more people that are current with this training, the more people we have ready to respond in the event of an oil spill.

The online OWCN 8-hr HAZWOPER Refresher is made available twice per year:  in June and November and is available the entire month.  If you need to take this training, please e-mail me (kyparker@ucdavis.edu) and I will forward on the registration information.  You have about two more weeks to take this online training, so don’t delay, e-mail me today!

Thank you for your dedication to spill response!


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