Uncommon Murres

Our last blog mentioned that we were preparing to head out to start captures for our common murre dispersant study.  As all of you who work with wildlife know, wildlife doesn’t always care about your carefully laid plans.  Emily and Kyra, joined by Curt Clumpner of International Bird Rescue, headed out in an OWCN boat to do some recon, and saw very few birds.  By very few birds, I mean they saw about 15 common murres between all of Monterey Bay and Half Moon Bay.  Needless to say, not enough for us to go ahead and launch in March.  The actual capture of the birds is done at night, and requires us to capture around the time of a new moon, which limits when we can actually go out to capture.  Left with our next potential capture period being around April 10th, we decided it is a little too close to the breeding season, so we will delay our study until the coming fall.  Stay tuned for murre study updates…


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