Beavers save the day

Thanks to Colleen Young who shared this article with us.

On March 18, 2013, 27,000 gallons of diesel were leaked from a pipeline located near the northern boundary Willard Bay State Park in Utah. Thanks to the dams of six beavers, it appears that no petroleum reached the nearby ecologically significant Great Salt Lake marsh or the Willard Reservoir that provides drinking water, irrigation, recreation and wildlife habitat for the Salt Lake City region.

While the beavers are the true heroes in this story, they paid dearly. All six were oiled and were washed multiple times. Luckily three of the beavers are responding well. However the remaining three had severe burns due to the diesel. Their prognosis for return to the wild is more uncertain. I wonder if we could train sea otters or common murres to wear PPE & lay boom?

We send our best wishes out to the beavers and to our wildlife rehabilitator colleagues who are caring for the heroes!


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Photo credit: Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune
Workers with booms and absorbent material contain a leak from a Chevron pipeline in a wetland area between Willard Bay North Marina and I-15 Tuesday March 19. The leak was detected Monday. Authorities said the leak was contained in retaining ponds and none went into Willard Bay.

One thought on “Beavers save the day

  1. “Keystone species”, they said, “with their toothsome behaviors
    Chopping trees, building dams, they’re the watershed saviors!
    It is time for all folks who want rivers to flow
    To recognize beavers save water, you know!
    We’ve got to keep dams in much greater amounts
    So, get to the watershed, for every dam counts!”
    Thus she spoke and she typed until everyone knew
    Beavers are working for me and for you
    And that spill-
    That one leaky pipe put caught the cam’ras
    Until finally at last they knew what good the dam was
    And beavers were seen, in all their furred glory
    While fish and birds smiled, “Now do you get the story!”
    They’ve proven their value, to all sir and ma’am
    And their whole world was saved by that one beaver dam!

    Beavers are heroes every day!

    Worth A Dam

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