Emily is awesome!

The title of Becky’s last blog was so true I thought I would use it again.  We’re very proud of her!  She showed off her awesomeness again this past weekend, when she helped teach a wetlab to the UC Davis veterinary student Wildlife, Avian, and Aquatic Medicine club.

Apparently, it was a rough week of exams for first, second, and third year veterinary students, but nonetheless, 13 students got up early on Saturday, drove out to Cordelia, and participated in a lecture and hands-on workshop on oiled bird care.  A major focus of the workshop was avian anatomy as it relates to physical examination, and the students were able to practice some exam skills on seabird carcasses, saved for us by International Bird Rescue staff.

photo cropped

It was a great group of students – they asked plenty of good questions and really got into the lab.  They get a lot a information thrown at them in veterinary school, so it’s pretty impressive that these students came out on a weekend to get some more.  After practicing their physical exam skills, they practiced some basic clinical skills, performed mock intake and processing on the carcasses, and even applied protective wraps.  vet student processingDuring the next spill, maybe we’ll see their smiling faces helping oil-affected birds.

lots of students at labThanks to all the students who came out last weekend!  We applaud your energy, enthusiasm, and dedication.  Now have a great weekend and relax a little . . . . you deserve it!


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