Outreach to local elementary schools


Future oil spill responders learning to wash feathers.

Last week, Becky, Kyra, and I went to two different Davis elementary schools to teach 2nd and 3rd grade students about the impacts of oil spills on wildlife and the environment.  An important part of our curriculum is teaching kids about the many, many products in their everyday lives that are made from petroleum.  When we brainstorm with the kids at the beginning of the class, they know about the gasoline that fuels their family cars.  When they leave, we hope they look at the world with new eyes, and chose to throw a plastic water bottle into the recycling bin rather than the trash, or encourage a family member to bring a re-useable bag to the grocery store.
If you are interested in bringing an oil-spill awareness exercise to your classroom, check out our website for oil spill clean-up experiments and feather-washing exercises, or send us an email.
– Emily

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