Ocean Promises: What will you do for the ocean this year?

World Ocean’s Day is coming up this Saturday, June 8.  In celebration of our planet’s oceans, the OWCN team is joining people across the world making Ocean Promises.  Look for a new Ocean Promise on our Facebook page each day this week, and pledge your efforts by liking the post.

Promise #1 – To not dispose of oily waste (car oil, household waste) anywhere that can lead to a storm drain (and then the ocean).

Where, you ask, do I dispose of oily waste?  Californians: start at this Cal Recycle website to search for an oily waste recycling center near you.  California’s Used Oil Recycling Program has a network of recycling facilities to encourage the re-use of motor oils and other products that are often illegally dumped and ultimately end up in our coastal waters.  If you’re outside of California, search for your area’s recycling center.  If there isn’t one, make some noise!!

– Emily

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