July Roundup

Summer has been a busy season for the OWCN staff.  Mike recently returned from a trip to the Galapagos where he provided continuing education for UC Davis alumni veterinarians.  Also, Christine spent three weeks in Nicaragua, conducting research on hunting dogs in indigenous communities, as part of a broader One Health project.   In the coming month, Mike will head to Belgium to work on a global oiled wildlife response program.  Meanwhile Kyra will be visiting London to conduct research on transmitters for diving birds.

Oilapalooza registration is just around the corner.  The OWCN staff has been hard at work finalizing lecture and lab details for the 6th annual Oilapalooza conference on Oilapalooza_2013_image-p180m5673718n07v51kc61i6jklrOctober 26th and 27th, in Sunny San Diego.  Look for the registration email at the end of this week.  Please remember you must complete the OWCN Online Training Series PRIOR to registering for the conference.  If you have any questions about whether you have completed the entire webinar series, and you plan on attending Oilapalooza, please email me at baelias@ucdavis.edu

The OWCN staff has also been busy working on the new online volunteer database.  Emily and I recently attended a training designed at learning the software used in running the database, and had our first chance at seeing it in action.  There are some great features that we will utilize during spills, such as online scheduling for volunteers, and everyone will be able to log into their own accounts at any time to check on upcoming trainings and trainings that they have completed.  We will hopefully have more information about the change to the new database in the next few months.

Finally, this month we said good-bye to Emily as begins her new adventures in vet school.  Fortunately she hasn’t gone far, and will continue to be involved with OWCN.  We are currently in the process of filling her empty position, and hope to have a full team again soon.


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