8-hr HAZWOPER Refresher Registration

Registration is now open for the OWCN’s online 8-hr HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) Refresher, which will run from November 1 – 30, 2013.  We are doing registration different this time, so please read carefully.  In order to register for the November 8-hr HAZWOPER refresher, you must send an email to Kyra at kyparker@ucdavis.edu BEFORE NOVEMBER 1st.  Once Kyra receives your email, she will confirm your eligibility, and you will receive the links to take the class on November 1st.  If you do not meet the eligibility she will request more information from you via email.  You will have until the end of November to finish the modules and pass the exams. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL NOT BE TAKING LATE REGISTRATIONS.  YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE NOVEMBER 1ST OR YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO TAKE THE REFRESHER.

Remember that in order to stay current you need to take the 8-hr HAZWOPER Refresher annually.  If more than two years have gone by since your last HAZWOPER training (either the 24-hr or the 8-hr HAZWOPER) you will need to re-take the entire 24-hr HAZWOPER class. The next time this training will be offered will be in June 2014, so please plan accordingly if your certification is about to expire.

Current certification (at the 24-hr HAZWOPER level) is required for personnel working in the field within the exclusion zone.  This training is not required for facility personnel, although it is encouraged for people that will be filling staff roles in the facility during oil spills.


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