Oilapalooza 2013!

Thanks to everyone from the 21 member and 6 affiliated organizations who joined us in San Diego to make Oilapalooza 2013 a great success!  SeaWorld San Diego was a fantastic host.  We really can’t thank Lauren, Diana, Mike, and many other SeaWorld folks enough for helping make the Sunday wet labs and workshops run smoothly, and for a lovely and classy (despite Matt’s jokes!) Saturday evening.green sea turtle on bucketoilapalooza-2013-conference-room

There were a lot of highlights to the weekend, such as fun with sea turtles, an amazing raptor demonstration, a lot of cute baby bird photos, and a sobering introduction to the changes in oil movement through California.  Now that the conference is over and you’ve completed your webinars, consider checking out the newly launched sea otter website that Dr. Miller told us about: http://theinnerotter.ucsc.edu/

It was great to see all of you!  Your enthusiasm was infectious. Let’s keep that momentum going throughout the year, as we maintain our readiness, update our skills and knowledge, and do all we can for California’s wildlife. Thank you all.



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