Royal Pacific diesel spill

This week was a busy one for Kyra and me, due to a diesel spill in Ventura harbor. It happened early in the afternoon on Monday, Nov. 18th, when a squid ship collided with another vessel. Diesel was spilled into the water, and birds were seen swimming in and around the sheen. OSPR was on the scene rapidly to direct the clean-up operations, and we were notified when some oiled gulls were observed.

Kyra directed the Wildlife Recovery operations, with two teams working on the beaches and in the water. Both dead and live birds were recovered. Wildlife Recovery operations are complete now, but rehabilitation efforts continue.

This spill once again demonstrated the value of having a Network. Staff and volunteers from International Bird Rescue, Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, and the California Wildlife Center all responded to this incident, providing assistance with capture, transport, and care of birds.  Kyra and I would like to thank all of those who helped out, either in the field, on the phone, in a vehicle, or in a facility. And of course, thanks go to our OSPR and US Coast Guard colleagues.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and don’t spill anything!


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