Field Stabilization Level 2 Training at Peninsula Humane Society this Saturday, January 18, 2014

This coming Saturday, OWCN will be having our 4th ever Field Stabilization Level 2 training. The training will be hosted by the Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo, CA. We are looking forward to adding 20+ more bright eyed faces to our team of more than 50 Field Stabilization trained individuals! If you are associated with an OWCN Member Organization or Affiliated Agency and are interested in working to stabilize oiled birds prior to transportation to a Primary Care Facility, this training is designed for you.

To achieve the greatest effect, Field Stabilization (FS) Sites need to be located close to Wildlife Recovery operations. Therefore, we usually deploy one or more of our specially designed FS trailers (MASH or Rat Rig) directly to the response area. If a spill occurs in the proximity of one of our Member Organizations, we also work with them to transform their facility into a “brick & mortar” FS Site.

FS training is particularly valuable for personnel who have the capacity and interest to work in small spaces at a fast pace with a close knit team (i.e. in a trailer or tent) or those who work at Member Organizations that are likely to act as “brick & mortar” Sites during oil spills.

In fact this training is a requirement for all people that will be working at “remote” FS Sites or those who will be managing volunteers at a “brick & mortar” Site during oil spills. Enrollment is limited to active volunteers or staff that are associated with an OWCN Member Organization or an Affiliated Agency. Participants must ALREADY be able to restrain, perform physical examinations, gavage, give SQ fluids, bandage and draw blood from seabirds. Member Organizations must approve all attendees as being proficient in these areas. This training is focused on familiarizing personnel with paperwork and organizational schemes, so they will be able to provide efficient and consistent stabilization care to hundreds of oiled birds even given the restrictions in space and resources that are inherent to working out of a trailer.

Because of the very limited space in these trainings, we prioritize staff that will likely be working at a FS Site. We encourage other people to take the training when there is additional space available.  Additional details and course description are below.


  • Provide a brief review of of the FS Level 1 Webinar
  • Provide a more complete understanding of routine job duties for FS Staff during an oiled wildlife response
  • Practice filling out forms associated with performing an intake examination for an average oiled bird
  • Practice organizing flow of birds through a FS trailer and associated paperwork -> using Bird Board
  • Introduce personnel to FS trailer (MASH): Set up & space limitations


While it’s too late to sign up for this Saturday’s class, it’s never too late to start working on the pre-requisites so you can take the training when it comes to your neighborhood! Of course, none of us wants a spill to occur, but we all want to be ready to respond right away when we are needed.  So we encourage you to finish the OWCN Core webinar series and to keep an eye out for the next Field Stabilization Level 2 training. We would love to have you join our team.

If you have any questions or need registration links for webinars, please email Nancy Anderson at

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