It’s All About the Flow

The OWCN is excited to announce that we are planning a full-deployment drill at the Marine Wildlife Care Center at Humboldt State in Arcata, CA.  It has been a long time (ever?) since we’ve had a big drill in this area, a very vulnerable region for spills, so we hope that many of our dedicated responders will join us. The drill is scheduled for Monday, March 17th (yes, St. Patty’s Day!) from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  Dr. Mike will be providing us with a (no doubt) devastating scenario and many devilish injects.

One reason that we are having the drill in Arcata is that the MWCC facility has just been renovated, and we want to check out the new floor plan and test out the “flow.” As many of you know, the flow of responders and animals through an oiled wildlife care facility is critical to its operation.  The renovations of the MWCC were designed to improve the flow, but we won’t know how great it is until we test it out!

All OWCN Member Organization staff and volunteers are invited to participate, but you must register. Invitations have been sent to all member org primary, secondary, and volunteer coordinator contacts.  If you haven’t received an invitation, check with your organization’s OWCN contacts or its volunteer coordinator.

Admittedly, Arcata is a long way away from most of our member organizations, and it is “behind the redwood curtain,” but it’s a beautiful area and it needs us, so we hope to have great turnout!


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