A New Face at OWCN

Stephanie Herman is the new face at OWCN and we are overjoyed to have her join the team!  She has recently filled the vacancy that Emily Whitmer left, although the position description has changed somewhat to encompass both the field aspect as well as helping out on the care side. During an oil spill, Stephanie will go where she is needed, providing a degree of flexibility to the response effort. Stephanie actually started with the OWCN in late November, right about the same time when OWCN staff was frantically getting ready to begin Common Murre captures for the dispersant study that we have been telling you about (see Becky and Nancy’s blogs, Dec. 7 and Jan. 10 2013). Stephanie successfully weathered the storm of murre study madness very good-naturedly and with a wonderful sense of humor.


Stephanie (on the left) gavaging a Common Murre. Suzie Kosina and Dee Goodfriend in the middle and on right. Photo courtesy of C. Clumpner.

Here is a bit about Stephanie:

Stephanie hails from Michigan but had been living in Washington for the past five years.  She initially became obsessed with wildlife rehabilitation in the early 1990s, when she began volunteering with Michigan Friends of Wildlife and eventually the River Raisin Raptor Center.  Her interest led her to the University of Guelph, where she earned her bachelors in Wildlife Biology and developed a fascination for wildlife nutrition and captive diets.  After completing her degree, Stephanie interned with the Conservancy of Southwest Florida before becoming a full-time wildlife rehabilitator for the PAWS Wildlife Center in Washington State.  During her five-year tenure with PAWS, she gained experience with everything from bears to hummingbirds and responded to two high-volume seabird events.

Stephanie is an avid reader, an avid writer (she writes fantasy and science fiction, as well as short stories – can’t wait to read one of her books!), and when not helping keep California’s wildlife safe from oil spills she enjoys spending time with her 4 chinchillas (named, Troy, Nova, Willow and Visa).

We are very luck to have Stephanie on board, and if you haven’t met her already, I am sure you will get a chance to meet her at drills, trainings, conferences, and hopefully not spills (but if there IS a spill, chances are she will be helping out with the response effort). Please join me in welcoming her!


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