Bring on the Webinars!

Hello Everyone,

It’s that time to update the webinars in our Online Training Series!  The OWCN has been busy reorganizing our webinar structure in hopes to more comprehensively train the largest array of people whether they be marine mammal or avian folks, veteran responders or brand new volunteers.

We will start this spring with our Core webinar series, which will be geared toward brand new volunteers, volunteers that have been around awhile but may not have extensive spill experience, or any of our long term staff and volunteers who would just like a refresher.  The Core webinars will be:

  • OWCN Overview
  • Effects of Oil on Wildlife
  • Overview of Field Response
  • Overview of Facility Response

OWCN Overview and Effects of Oil on Wildlife, as you may remember, were previously “Webinar #1” in our old series, and those that have already taken that webinar will receive credit for these ones as well.  The overviews of field and facility will provide a broad look at what happens in each location during a spill response.

Our Level 1 webinar series will be designed for those who wish to receive a more in-depth training on specific areas of spill response.  You will recognize Oiled Wildlife Recovery and Field Stabilization (FS will be re-recorded later this spring), but now you will have the option of taking the avian Level 1 pathway, the marine mammal Level 1 pathway, or both.    As always we encourage all of our volunteers to complete both avian and marine mammal training, as this gives you the most complete understanding of wildlife response as a whole!  Level 1 webinars are as follows:

  • Oiled Wildlife Recovery
  • Field Stabilization
  • Avian Pathway
  1. Processing & Intake
  2. Pre-Wash Care
  3. Cleaning
  4. Pre-Release Conditioning
  5. Support
  • Marine Mammal Pathway
  1. Biology/Ecology/Anatomy
  2. Processing & Intake
  3. Care
  4. Support

We will also be keeping our Special Topic Webinars, such as Hazing and Clinical Avian Anatomy, and will continue adding to that library over the next few years.  We will be adding in interesting topics such as Sea Turtle Ecology and Lab Procedures, as well as some short, practical, how-to topics like Gavage Technique, Drawing Blood, and Drug Calculations.

As always, webinars will be announced on our blog, and information will be sent to each Member Organization.  You can contact your OWCN representatives at the organization where you volunteer to obtain the links to register for webinars.  Feel free to email me ( with any questions, and thank you to all of our pre-trained volunteers for your dedication to wildlife!


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