Drill Time!

As I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago, the OWCN is having a full-deployment drill up north in Arcata on March 17th. We’re starting to get excited about it, and with 46 people signed up, it’s going to be a fun time! We already have numerous member organizations and affiliated agencies represented at the drill, which is great because it gives people a chance to interact with people they don’t work with on a daily basis.

Our facility, the Marine Wildlife Care Center, administered by Humboldt State University, just underwent some major renovations, so a key objective of this drill is to learn the flow of the new floorplan and get comfortable with the changes. Tim is the only one of our core staff who’s seen the facility since the renovations; the rest of us have to wait until the drill.

If you’re interested in participating, ask the OWCN contact at your member organization to forward you the invitation. This Thursday, March 6th is the last day to sign up. Let me say that again. Final day to register for the Arcata drill is THURSDAY MARCH 6th.  If you email or call us on March 7th and ask if you can come, we’re going to say “No.” I’d like to think we’ll say it nicely, but I’m not making any promises ;-). Just kidding, of course — we’ll be very nice, but we’ll still say no!

There are several reasons for the strict deadline, not the least of which is that Lavonne is going to arrange for us to have a lovely lunch, and we need to give her a final head count for the caterer.

Please consider joining us “behind the redwood curtain” for a fun day of learning as we test our readiness in this vulnerable stretch of coastline.

Oh yeah, the deadline.  Did I mention that there’s a deadline to sign up? It’s Thursday, March 6th.


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