OWCN Avian Care Protocols Available


At long last, the Third Edition of the OWCN “Protocols for the Care of Oil-Affected Birds” are available for viewing on the OWCN website. To access them, you will need your Member Organization’s username and password. We are absolutely thrilled that they are finally done. Except, of course, that they are not really “done”; our protocols will always be a moving target, as we continually strive to improve “best achievable care.” We consider the Protocols a living document that we will update as needed.

A huge number of people have contributed to the completion of this document, including Dr. Greg Massey, who started the process of revising the OWCN Protocols years before I started in this position. I want to thank Greg for getting the process started, and for all his input since. Other key contributors include Curt Clumpner, Dee Goodfriend, Diana Humple, and Dr. Erica Miller, all of whom provided extensive comments on earlier drafts that greatly improved the final product. Many others have reviewed and edited the document; too many people to list here. You know who you are, and know that you have our thanks!

The Protocols are designed for use by our Member Organizations; much of the content is specific to the oil spill response structure in the State of California. While many aspects of care may be generally applicable, we are not so presumptuous as to think we know the best or only way to care for oiled birds! That being said, we are strongly in favor of collaborating and sharing information and experience with other like-minded oiled animal care groups.

I hope you find the Protocols helpful and easy to use. If you find mistakes or have suggestions for improvements, please let me know. We intend it to be a living document, although we likely won’t perform another major overhaul for a few years. Keep in mind the OWCN Mentorship Research Program; major changes to our Protocols get incorporated because someone has an idea and the energy and enthusiasm to demonstrate that they work.

Thanks for all you do for wildlife!



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