New Webinars

The OWCN is moving forward with updates to our Online Training Series.  We have created a brand new set of Core webinars that are now available to our Member Organizations.  These Core webinars are introductory webinars designed for brand new staff and volunteers with no spill experience, or staff and volunteers that have been around, but haven’t participated in our Online Training Series previously.  We also welcome everyone who just wants a quick refresher, to view the webinars as well.  These webinars will provide a basic background to oiled wildlife response, and include 1) OWCN Overview, 2) Effects of Oil on Wildlife, 3) Field Operations Overview, and 4) Introduction to Facility Operations.  The first two will be replacing our old “Webinar #1”, and the latter two will provide a brief overview of what happens in the field and at the facility during a spill.

In the coming months we will be making more changes and additions to the Online Training Series.  This fall, look for a redesigned Level 1 series of webinars that will allow our volunteers to select either an Avian or Marine Mammal Level 1 pathway.  As always, we will encourage our volunteers to train in both Avian and Marine Mammal spill response, but will allow for those who want to select just one pathway.  We will be adding a support webinar to the current Avian webinars, and will be removing the previous Marine Mammal webinar (the old webinar #5), and replacing it with a series of Marine Mammal webinars.

Additionally, we are in the process of creating a library of Special Topic webinars designed for those that wish to pursue continuing education in oiled wildlife response.  These webinars will provide education in interesting topics related to spill response, and will join our current Special Topic webinars (Clinical Avian Anatomy, OWCN Protocol Updates, and Avian Hazing).  Look for an announcement on the first set in the near future, with additional Special Topic webinars coming out this fall.

Please check with the  OWCN Volunteer Coordinator for your organization to get the links for these new webinars.  And, as always, a big thank you to all the staff and volunteers at our Member Organizations for being the most enthusiastic and most prepared oiled wildlife response team we could hope for!


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