Thank you PWC!

IMG_2122Recently, Becky, Stephanie, Tim, and I descended on Morro Bay to do some hands-on OWCN training for our fabulous volunteers on the Central Coast. Marcelle, Jeanette, and the rest of the folks at Pacific Wildlife Care were incredible hosts, and we had a great time.

Marie from Bird Ally X joined us to teach a Pre-release Conditioning lab. We also had my extern, University of Pennsylvania veterinary student (and long-time rehabber) Michele, assist me with the Avian Intake & Processing and Seabird Necropsy labs. Stephanie taught her first Pre-wash Care lab outside in the tent. Tim, of course, helped out in a variety of ways, including putting up the tent! Becky spent most of the day in front of a couple of laptops, getting volunteers into our the new OWCN responder database.

Rain was in the forecast and given the drought, we couldn’t hope that it *wouldn’t* rain! But we were relieved when the rain did not in any way disrupt the training :-). IMG_2104

One of the best parts of the day was seeing several marine mammal volunteers jumping right in to learn about avian response. Birds may not be their “thing,” but as dedicated wildlife responders, they explained that they want to be trained to help wherever they are needed. That is the OWCN spirit!

Marcelle organized a delicious lunch and the entire PWC staff was incredibly welcoming, even though they were overwhelmed with grebes and working harder than ever. Thanks to everyone who participated, and a special thank you to PWC’s staff and volunteers. We love the Central Coast!


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