OWCN in Bangladesh: Day 0

Hello all-

Been awhile since I have blogged. Not that I love the OWCN any less since the Macondo/Deepwater Horizon spill, but it seems as if things just keep getting busier and busier for us here in California.

Oil slick line the banks of the Shela River (AP Photo/ Khairul Alam)

Oil slick line the banks of the Shela River (AP Photo/ Khairul Alam)

Speaking of which, as a brief update, I was activated this past week with a colleague from NOAA Office of Response and Restoration and the US Coast Guard to assist in the UN-led effort to support the clean-up and assessment activities in Bangladesh after the oil spill that occurred there on December 9th.

If you have not read the latest, the Guardian recently wrote on the UN effort.

As there may be little internet access where I will be, I am not sure I will be able to give updates as I go. However, I look forward to giving out information on what I see and the work that we are doing as soon as I am able.

These events in other regions of the world truly make me thankful for the systems, facilities, and people that we have in place to help wildlife in California. So, for now, I hope that everyone in the OWCN has a wonderful holiday season ( I plan on trying to put some tinsel on a mangrove…stay tuned).

Thanks again for all that you do!

– Mike

3 thoughts on “OWCN in Bangladesh: Day 0

    • United Nations Development Programme in Bangladesh
      December 22
      Today, 22 December, the Joint UN-GoB Sundarbans Oil Spill Response mission has reached Mongla and immediately set off by boat to the incident site. The plan of action has been fine tuned with the help of an integrated discussion with the local forest department officials and NGO representatives and will be initiated with field assessments tomorrow morning.

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