Wildlife Recovery Training in Chico

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Yesterday Becky, Stephanie, and I traveled to Chico, CA for our first inland Wildlife Recovery training.  The group we were targeting was North Valley Animal Disaster, a group that joined the OWCN very recently (although we had one representative from the USFWS at the training as well). Chico is positioned at the intersection of some major railways, and just to the east of Chico is a designated “high risk area” for crude transport by rail.

It was a fun day and students practiced old skills and learned new skills, including how to use a GPS, a VHF radio,and how to capture and handle birds safely.  The day ended with a review of the skills taught throughout the day with a mock oil spill involving a train derailment in the Feather River canyon. Students were “deployed” in teams to collect oiled wildlife.


The next Wildlife Recovery Level 2 training will be taking place at the San Francisco Oiled Bird Care and Education Center in Fairfield on April 16. If you are interested in this training you will need to be affiliated with an OWCN Member Organization or Affiliated Agency.

In addition, the pre-requisites are:

  • ICS-100 training
  • Current 24-hr HAZWOPER
  • Completion of OWCN Core Webinar series
  • Wildlife Recovery Level 1 webinar

You will also need to be in the new OWCN database. If you have questions about setting up your profile in our new database or accessing the webinars, please email Stephanie Herman (scherman@ucdavis.edu) or Becky Elias (baelias@ucdavis.edu).

Hope to see you at the next training!


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