BRPE, BRPE, BRPE . . . . . WEGR!

Yes, in a spill of almost exclusively brown pelicans (BRPE), we have a sole Western grebe in care. She is very vocal, screaming at us if we so much as peep at her, let alone handle her. She has been a superstar throughout the rehabilitation process, and I have taken to calling her “Grebey” since her distinct personality seems to warrant a nickname.

WEGR G10 from the Refugio spill swimming

Grebey came in heavily oiled and with burns on her feet, so we were pretty worried about her in the beginning. However, with a little coddling and a lot of skilled care by our staff and volunteers, she progressed quickly to wash.

She was washed a few days ago (screaming the whole time!) by Erin, one of our washroom leads, and although she resembled a drowned rat immediately after wash, she began gaining her waterproofing incredibly quickly. She had a brief setback when her inside pool got a bit dirty, but once she got in the outside pool she’s done great. She is nearly waterproof now and just might spend her first night outside in the pool today. Keep your fingers crossed!grebey swim


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