A (First) Night Out for Grebey

No, she’s not going on a date, or out on the town . . . . but Grebey, our favorite Western grebe, is spending the night outside in a pelagic pool. She was completely waterproof today and looked great all day in the pool, so Jeanette decided she was ready to spend the entire night in a pool. This is always cause for celebration in the rehabilitation process of a grebe, because they really need to be on the water 100% of the time to prevent secondary problems of captivity.

She’s got some burns on her feet, so we’ll examine her again to check on those lesions and we’ll be monitoring those feet very carefully. Fortunately, she’s in good body condition, which will serve her well as she heals those burns.

She’s not out of the woods yet, of course. Grebes are delicate creatures . . . actually I take that back. I think they’re probably pretty tough when they’re out there in their own environment, but when they come into care they tend to be fragile. They were just not designed to be hanging around in human-constructed habitats! So let’s all keep our fingers crossed that she continues to progress.


P.S. OWCN staff and volunteers Jeanette, Michelle, Sheila, Lauren, Lisa, Jamie, Charles, and several others have been doing a truly spectacular job managing our clean bird room . . . if you see any of them, say “Thanks!”

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