Updates You’ve Been Waiting For . . .

Well here she is, a star! Western grebe Green 10, or Grebey as we call her here, is doing great. She’s living full time in the pool and maintaining both her weight AND her attitude. We always know when she’s inside for a weight check because she announces her presence (and her displeasure!). She’s got some burns on her feet from the oil, so we’re waiting impatiently for those to heal so we can send her home. .  2015-06-01 11.53.02

Blue One is continuing to improve and progress through the rehabilitation process. He was rewashed due to some residual oil on his feathers, and he tolerated that just fine. He definitely needs plenty of TLC, but he seems to have recovered from his medical issues. Well, okay, he’s still clumsy, but maybe that’s just him! Like Grebey, he’s living full time outside and maintaining his weight like a good pelican should. I don’t have a good picture of him yet (the light wasn’t quite right to capture his handsomeness), but I thought you might enjoy this photo of hungry pelicans waiting for their breakfast.

2015-06-01 11.50.50 It’s truly a privilege to see these guys recovering, and I’m grateful to have a front-row seat. None of this would be possible without the support of our fabulous OWCN member organizations, and more specifically, the volunteers and staff from those organizations who’ve actually done the work. I really can’t thank them enough.


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