Everyone loves “the baby”!

We have a baby here in the San Pedro facility . . . . a baby cormorant, that is. He came in oiled, but has now been washed and is fluffy and very, very cute. Everyone refers to him as “the baby cormie,” or simply, “the baby.”

He (or she) makes cute little squeaky noises — and so do many of us, as we gush about how adorable he is. Although habituation is a concern, he’s likely old enough to know he’s a cormorant (a Brandt’s), and we are of course taking extra precautions to ensure he doesn’t like us too much. That doesn’t stop us from liking him, though!

Oil spills are serious, and caring for wildlife is serious, but sometimes, you need an excuse for some levity, and “the baby” has provided us with that during this spill. Here he is, hanging out in a waterfowl pen. I hope you agree that it is impossible not to love a baby cormorant!2015-06-05 13.40.56


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