T-Minus One Month!


Can you believe Oilapalooza 2015 is exactly one month away?  Even I find it hard to believe how quickly it is approaching, and every day I frolic through the Oilapalooza wonderland that is my September priority to-do list.

Avian Cleaning WorkshopThis is a year of firsts for Oilapalooza.  Those of you who have been before know that previously, the conference focused on Primary Care topics, making 2015 the first year that the conference has been designed to support all four OWCN response streams: Hazing, Wildlife Recovery, Field Stabilization, and Primary Care.  This is the first Oilapalooza since OWCN’s mandate expanded to include inland spills, which means that you’ll notice a definite inland presence in the programming as well.

8145049041_c615366f24_zOn a personal note, this will be the first Oilapalooza that I get to help plan and execute.  I’m honored to have a hand in keeping this tradition rolling along, and hope that I do my workplace predecessors proud.  I know Scott and Curt are both old hands at the Oilapalooza game, but this will be their first time on the other side of the looking glass.

Most exciting of all, this will be the best-attended Oilapalooza ever, both in terms of number of attendees and number of member organizations & affiliated agencies represented.  We had to open up extra workshop spaces, but eventually we got everyone in from the waitlist.  All but two of our member organizations will be represented by at least one attendee, which as far as I am aware is unprecedented.

So, are you excited yet?

Just keep reminding yourself: Soon!

8145056156_2a1a049309_zSoon, responders from all over California will gather to network, learn new things, and have a teensy bit of fun (OK, maybe a dump-truck load of fun…)  In the meantime, your intrepid speakers and workshop leaders plot and plan.  Those of us at headquarters delve through emails, gather supplies, and organize until we dream in spreadsheets.

And soon, everything will be in place, and the day will come.

(PS. If you aren’t able to make it to Oilapalooza this year, we’re really going to miss you!  I sincerely hope you can make it next time!)

Be well, and thanks for caring about the animals,


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