A successful summit

This past weekend we hosted at the first OWCN protocol summit. About 50 people, representing over 20 member organizations, met in Davis on Saturday and Sunday to talk about OWCN protocols and procedures.

On Saturday we listened to short presentations from various organizations on issues they identified as important to them. We split up into break-out sessions to discuss those issues, and then presented them to the larger group. Then everyone voted on the issues they felt were of highest priority. Volunteer working groups were formed to address each issue. We were so efficient we even finished a bit early!

Director Mike Ziccardi then spoke a bit about full deployment drills and there was a general discussion about how they work and what their goals ares. The day finished up with a reception.

On Sunday, we met at OWCN’s storage area, so that member organizations could see our response equipment and supplies. Lucky for us, the rain held off until about 11 o’clock!

I want to thank everyone who came and participated – many of you drove a long way in the rain! It was a productive meeting, with time to catch up with friends and talk about animals and emergency response. We even used it as an opportunity to practice signing into Better Impact, which qualifies it as a drill :-). Oh yeah, and there was beer . . . . what more could anyone want?




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