Wildlife Summit: Next Steps

SummitAssault_logo_wCircleAs Curt and Chris wrote about in recent blogs, the first ever OWCN Wildlife Planning Summit was a true success, with about 50 people from 20 Member Organizations participating.  So, what are the next steps?  Well, since the Summit ended, we have accomplished several things, including: summarizing the discussions of the 5 workgroups that were established during the Summit, identifying of Chairs that will be responsible for ensuring that goals are met and timelines are adhered to, and developing a set of guidelines that will serve as an aid to the workgroup Chairs.

Now that we have everything in place, it is time to officially launch our post-Summit work!  As part of that, we would like to reach out to the entire Network to invite participation in the process. During the Summit, the 50 participants signed up to be a part of one of the workgroups.  In addition, other names were written down of people (not attending) that were thought to be important to include in the process. But of course, not everyone from the Network was at the Summit, so if you are interested in helping, now is your chance to sign up!

Before jumping in, you need to know that there are several levels of involvement depending on how much time you are willing to (and able to) commit:

Low – Willing to provide comments/review 1-2 products that come out of the workgroup.

Medium – Willing to provide comments/review all products that come out of the workgroup.

High – Participation in at least monthly conference calls and assisting in developing and reviewing workgroup products.

If you have interest and time, please contact the Chair/Chairs of the workgroups listed below (either directly to them via email or to us at owcn@ucdavis.edu and we will forward) to offer your assistance, and specify what level of involvement you are willing to provide. Remember, it is up to each Chair(s) to approve workgroup participants (we obviously don’t want 250 people participating in monthly conference calls!).

Below is a list of each workgroup, the Chair or co-Chairs, and a brief summary of issues/goals that each break-out group identified during the Summit. However, the final list of goals will be up to each group, once they begin their work:

  1. Avian Protocols, Chair: Michelle Bellizzi
    • Development/clarification of protocol use requirements for individual oiled birds.
    • Species-specific protocols for how best to care for inland animals.
  1. Initial Response, Chair: Jennifer Levine
    • Development of systems and practices that can help lead field responses for initial (first 24 hrs) operational period of a spill.
  1. Green Response, co-Chairs: Dru Devlin & Marie Travers
    • Development of conservation-oriented guidelines for oil spill response (such as carpooling & re-use/recycling programs like using re-usable water bottles and coffee cups).
    • Resources that can be used to prevent water waste and low-energy pool technology such as Eco-pumps for bird pens during a spill response.
  1. chain-of-custody-summit-10-16img_0835Marine Mammal Documentation, co-Chairs: David Bard & Barbie Halaska
    • Development of a more user-friendly and consistent ID numbering system.
    • Work out Chain of Custody what-ifs.
  1. Facility Activation, co-Chairs: Tamar Danufsky & Jody Westberg
    • Clarify OWCN facility activation process, including levels of activation.
    • Define activation terms for facility and what does “activation” entail.
    • Develop facility activation plan checklist based on level of response.
    • Share existing facility response/changeover plans.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, and thank you in advance for helping to improve OUR Oiled Wildlife Care Network!


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