A Blast From the Past

While most of us have been dodging raindrops the last few weeks, Tim Williamson has been refurbishing the RAT Rig. What may you ask is the RAT Rig? It is the old Recovery And Transportation (RAT) trailer. After the arrival of the spiffy new MASH trailer (Mobile Avian Stabilization Hospital) for Field Stabilization and Sprinter van for Wildlife Recovery, the RAT Rig spent a few years languishing with minimal attention.

Now that the OWCN is moving inland, the RAT Rig has gained a second life…sort of like our rehabilitation animals. With its relatively small footprint, yet room to treat and house a few dozen animals, we think it will be the perfect size for setting up in canyons, along river banks or other tight spots.

So here are a few photos to re-introduce you to the RAT Rig

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While we always hope for “NO SPILLS!”, if one occurs we know that the RAT Rig is ready for action.


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