Good news for marine wildlife

There hasn’t been much good in the news lately, so I thought I would highlight a couple of happy developments that I’ve read about recently. Last month was the World Ocean Summit, in Bali (hey why wasn’t I invited?), and during that event, Myanmar announced a new comprehensive plan to protect marine resources. The plan addresses the needs of fisheries, marine mammals, and sea turtles, and aims to assist stakeholders in making decisions that promote sustainability. Most of Myanmar’s ocean waters are unprotected, despite being home to rare species such as finless porpoises and dugongs. Their plan is a first step in ensuring that marine resources are protected.


At the same event, the host country, Indonesia, announced that it would allocate one billion dollars every year to reducing plastic pollution in the ocean. Their goal, according to Inhabitat website, is to reduce plastic pollution by 70% by 2025. That’s an ambitious goal, but the benefits to ocean life would be immeasurable.

A little closer to home–okay a LOT closer to home–Island Conservation reports that last month Canada extended protection to marine waters surrounding some of Vancouver’s coastal islands. These islands are key homes for many seabird species such as Cassin’s auklets, and this protection will safeguard important feeding areas just offshore.

Thanks Myanmar, Indonesia, and Canada for taking action to protect our oceans and their wildlife. In solidarity, I pledge to use one less piece of plastic this week! Anyone want to join me?


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