National Volunteer Appreciation Week (Esther Timberlake – International Bird Rescue)

National Volunteer Appreciation Week is starting to wind down, but we have another great volunteer to talk to today.  Esther Timberlake volunteers for International Bird Rescue (check out their website by clicking here!), and became involved after the goo event.  Esther shared this story about being inspired to volunteer:

IMG_7441.jpgWhen I retired in 2013 I had zero interest in volunteering. I worked 50 years and was tired of the commute and routine. I spent leisurely days gardening, traveling and learning tennis. Like many volunteers, the mystery goo event hit at my heart. I found a new interest that I needed to explore. Volunteering at IBR has changed my life. I’ve not only learned new skills and experienced something profoundly new, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I now know my capacity to be patient and compassionate. The feel of a baby BCNH’s grip around my finger makes me giddy and I am thrilled that I am part of its healing and introduction back into the wild. Thanks to the wonderful IBR staff and its patients, I am a better person.

Thank you to Esther and all of the OWCN volunteers for the great work you do at each of our Member Organizations!  While we hope for zero spills, it is great to know we have such dedicated volunteers if there is an emergency.


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