IOSC Long Beach

This week I attended the International Oil Spill Conference, a huge industry conference that brings together industry, government, and academic partners in oil spill response. Mike, Kyra, and Curt also were there, and we saw many familiar faces in the crowd.


As you can see, it was acronym city at the Long Beach Convention Center! It was the first time I’ve attended this particular conference, and I was impressed with the quality of the science presented. There was an enormous exhibit hall, with a great variety of organizations. The OWCN had a booth, and California’s OSPR (Oil Spill Prevention and Response), our partner, had a booth (and a large contingent of attendees!). There were many nonprofits, oil spill response companies, governmental agencies such as NOAA, and companies that manufacture or distribute response equipment such as trailers, boats, protective gear, software, and boom. An Australian response group was even giving away free hats :-).

leather hat

There was a whole session on inland preparedness, which is obviously very relevant to us right now, and several sessions on integrating science into response, something that is close to my heart. It was great to be surrounded by so many people dedicated to a clean environment!

The Proceedings for the conference will be online and free to the public. They are not available yet, but if you’re interested, previous issues are available here. I encourage you to check them out, and then check periodically for the 2017 Proceedings.




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